Apps and Services for Project Organization

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Working with a team on a website build, multiuser blog, or any other group project can be difficult when you’re each working remotely. Having the right tools in your toolbox can make a big difference in your team’s efficiency.

Rather than having a list of tasks and running the risk of two or more people doing the same job, you can turn to a software-based solution that keeps everyone on the same page.

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How Good SEO Practices Increase Site Traffic

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You have a website, but there aren’t enough new people visiting, buying your products, or reading your content? This struggle is shared among most site owners these days, especially with such a fierce competitive market vying for high search rank and attention.

So, how do you generate more traffic? Is there some magic algorithm that unlocks your site’s maximum earning potential? A quick fix in your site’s code that will bring swarms of new visitors to your domain?

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VPNs – You Need to Know About Virtual Private Networks?


You’re probably wondering, “why would I want or need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? I have nothing to hide…” and you’re probably right, however, as in real-life, not everyone on the Internet is as nice, friendly, or as trustworthy as you or your company. But, just like in real-life, not every person you see on the street is out to steal your wallet, but there are other reasons you should take advantage of a VPN. A secure VPN connection essentially hides your web activity, concealing your activity and navigation on the net in an encrypted layer, thus making your communications nearly if not impossible to read if intercepted.

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