• Network Planning and Design

    We provide installation and support services to your data network and networking equipment, if your network technology is critical. We help you consolidate your server, storage and networking resources.
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  • Internet Broadband Service

    We know that technology is the backbone of all business. By having a broadband wireless network infrastructure, we guarantee a fast and reliable wireless Internet without interruptions or gaps. We help you consolidate your server, storage and networking resources.
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  • Video Conferencing System

    The Video Conference is an interactive system that allows several users to maintain a virtual conversation by means of real-time transmission of video, sound and text over the Internet. Essential Technological Solution
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  • Web Design& Development

    We develop your project totally customized, adjusting it to the aesthetics and the design that you want. At present, we manage web pages, virtual stores, blogs, social networks of all kinds
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  • Graphic Design Creative

    A graphic designer’s most valuable asset is his/her creativity — and it needs constant care and feeding.Is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.
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  • Web Hosting GSPR

    There are various types of web hosting services available to host your website. You know what kind of service your website needs, or the type of server you need for your business, your budget. Ask us..
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Global Solutions Puerto Rico

Providers of telecommunications services as well as Internet services, Web Design And Development,
Network infrastructure, Social Media Marketing, Data Recovery and VoIP.
We elaborate your project totally personalized, adding it to the aesthetics and the design that you want

At Global Solutions Puerto Rico we are here to serve you whether you are starting a new business or personal project

All you Need for Bussines and Personal Project

Organisations of all sizes operating in and out of Puerto Rico and the USA trust Global Solutions to provide professional branding,
artwork design, digital content management, web design, web hosting and web application development that assist in achieving and
surpassing their sales and marketing objectives.

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About us

Our first objective is to be the source of technological solutions for the need of your Company, Business or Personal Project.

Global Solutions Puerto Rico is a Puerto Rican company offering technology services in the area of Telecommunications.

We are providers of telecommunications services as well as Internet services,Web Design And Development , Network infrastructure, Social Media Marketing, Disaster Recovery and VoIP Telephony.

We are a group of technicians and entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in the field of telecommunications.



We are the source of technological solutions.

To offer innovative technological solutions, adaptable to the needs of our clients, in Puerto Rico and Latin America, promoting the development and growth, through a team of technicians and professionals in highly competitive information technologies as we collaborate day by day in the development and construction of new strategies Of innovation in communications..



We are the source of technological solutions.

Continue to build our future with innovative technologies, offering quality IT services to all our clients, whether it is a Company, Business or Personal Project, recognized in Puerto Rico and with a presence in Latin America, for the technological solutions we provide, generating lasting relationships with our customers , Suppliers and above all our people...


All in one place

We have you covered, no matter your needs.

We aim to provide all different types of services to our clients.

Services we offer:

Computer Repair * Home Automation * Access Control * Data Backup and Recovery * Network Design and Management * Virus Removal and Prevention * Secure Communications * Service Management (Office 365, Email, Web hosting and Design)

We are always available for contact. Don’t hesitate to call or email.

Services and Support

  • Cloud Business Communications +

  • Web Design And Development +

  • Consulting / Managed Solutions +

  • Network Planning and Design +

  • Internet Residential, Commercial +

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Our Strategic Alliances

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