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Welcome to Global PBX , the World’s Advanced Cloud Business Communications Solutions Provider. We have the world’s largest voice communications network dedicated solely to businesses on every continent and backed by a global team of dedicated experts. Our clients range from small businesses to huge multinational brands and governments. Experience our top quality services with real customer support. Welcome to innovation focused on you. How do you wish to communicate today?

How does a Telephone System work in the cloud?

With the Global PBX PR service, we will route your communications through a high-speed broadband connection to our network hosted in the cloud, so all you need to start is an IP phone or just a softphone on your PC. The main difference with traditional telephone systems is that instead of paying for the hardware and the initial installation, all costs are covered by a low monthly fee and a price per user. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the space and the hassle of the hardware in your offices and this benefit multiplies when you add several locations and users that need to work in multiple locations including around the world. Our company takes care of your system in our secure platform, co-located, resilient. And when you need to make changes you can simply access your system through a web interface. You can transfer your existing numbers to Global PBX PR or select a new range of numbers as needed.

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Cloud-Based Phone System

By taking advantage of Cloud technology, scaling and expanding your phone system is extremely easy. Instead of having to purchase more hardware and technology for a new employee, you simply talk to your provider and add another person to your account. With a Cloud PBX, you’ll still have access to the calling features you’ve become accustomed to with your on-site system. These features include call recording, IVR/Auto Attendant and Time of Day Routing. These, and many more features, are offered over the Cloud and are accessible on a Dashboard given by your provider. Besides the cost advantage, many businesses choose a Cloud-Based phone system because of its flexibility and accessibility. Since the technology is hosted over the Internet, you can access and use your phone system anywhere that has Internet access. This is extremely useful for remote employees. A Cloud PBX has advantages for businesses of every size. If you’re interested in a Cloud PBX phone system, there are customizable solutions offered by a number of providers. Do your homework and choose the one that will work best for your individual needs.

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